DfRL: Client Meeting #1

As a team we had our first meeting with our client Dr Abdul Seckam (Stroke Hub Wales), who was also joined by Dr Anne Freeman & Carys Matthews (graduate). We met over Teams due to the current climate which isn’t the same as meeting in person but I thought it went really well.

Meg took minutes for the meeting which was really helpful for us all to know the next stages and what we actions we discussed moving forward. The main objective for this meeting was for the client to get to know us and for us to get to know them. It was also an opportunity to find out more about the brief from the client themselves. Dr Abdul was really enhaustics about the project which was inspiring to see and I’m looking forward to working with him on this project. One question we asked was about colours and what he was expecting from us. He simply said ‘be as creative as you want’ which was really helpful as it meant we had more freedom to create something that very creative.

It was interesting to hear more about aphasia from Dr Abdul and Dr Anne as there were things that we have found through our research. For example we spoke about how some people with aphasia are able to sing songs but aren’t able to speak in sentences. If you sing to them what you’re trying to communicate they might be able to sing their response back. Also when we were speaking to them they said speaking to someone who has aphasia gives you a better understanding that reading research. This was an opportunity that Dr Abdul has been able to set up for us hopefully this will help us to be able to gain a better understanding of Aphasia.

Overall I felt the meeting went well and was really useful. It’s great to know that they are so supportive us bringing forward ideas and working with them on this project. It was really useful Carys being in the meeting too and hearing her experience working on this module but also working on similar projects to this one. I’m excited to move forward and brainstorm initial ideas based on research.

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