DfRL: Mentor Meeting #1

Our mentor for this project is Katherine, who a previous graduate of the course working in industry. We had our first meeting on Wednesday where we got to know more about Kat and talk to her about the project. We spoke to her about the brief and about what was said in our client meeting from Tuesday. I found the meeting super useful as it will help us to get yet another perspective on our design work and ideas.

We spoke about having initial ideas and developing three concepts. She told us about how the agency she works for sometimes uses the model of a safe concept, a on-brand concept and a wild concept. As Abdul mentioned in our meeting we are able to be as creative as possible with this project, Kat said that this was a really nice opportunity to do something that we might not have been able to do before in previous projects. We also spoke about how we can visualise our concepts. She mentioned about she sometimes uses mood boards to help explain a concept for a project, using elements of imagery as example of thoughts or ideas. From this I took away that a concept isn’t the content of the project it’s not the outcome, this is something that’s also been talked about in previous lectures.

For our next meeting Kat suggested we bring talk about our 3 concepts as this will help get some feedback on them. It would also be a good opportunity to bounce some ideas around with Kat and the rest of the group.

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