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DfRL: Initial Ideation

I started my initial ideation by doing a group brain dump session via teams with Daisy and Meg. This was really useful as we’d normally do this in the studio but as we aren’t able to be there at the moment I was grateful to them both for doing this via teams. We worked by trying to come up with safe ideas, on brand ideas and then wild ideas. This method was suggested to us by Kat during our mentor meetings. This really helped us think more creatively when it came to thinking of wild ideas, and helped us to organise our ideas. We thought a lot about the wording within the brief and from our research and below is my version of the brain dump session:

Group Ideation Task

Following on from this session I start to do some ideation by myself developing ideas that I personal found interesting and related to why own research and understanding on the brief. Initially these ideas I was working with were Time, Retail, Repetition, Barriers and Isolation I created a small mind map to display my written thoughts. However, after conversations with the client I found that the ideas that I was developing were clearer for Time, Repetition and Barriers. I created three mood boards with imagery that inspired my thoughts and related to my ideas, I didn’t include any imagery of outcomes in these as I felt that I wanted to develop the strong concepts first before thinking too much about what I was going to produce. Below are the images of my moodboards.

Concept 1 – Time

This first concept is about time and being patient when communicating with someone who has Aphasia. The idea behind this concept would be that the clock represents time and how important it is to give time to someone who’s suffering from Aphasia. The concept would also ask people to take a pause out of their daily lives which are fast pace to really slow down and learn about Aphasia. At this stage I am thinking that the clock could be utilised as a symbol for time and slowing down, it could make a really nice animation.

Concept 2 – Barriers

The second concept that I’m looking at is based around the idea of making the barriers of communication visible to the public. People who have aphasia often come up against these barriers when communicating and I think this is due to them not being known by the general public. This concept would really focus on making the barriers visible to the public and showing how you are able to over come these.

Concept 3 – Repetition

The third concept is based around this idea of repetition as this is a key facilitator that can help you to communicate with someone who has aphasia. In this concept I am exploring the idea of the music element and how this can help some people with aphasia to talk. The repetition symbols within music could be used an developed within the visual language of this concept.


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