DfRL: Group Tutorial

Today we had a group tutorial with Wendy where we were able to discuss our concepts as a group and get some initial feedback on our ideas. For this stage in the project I only has my original mood boards. Wendy like all of these concepts even though they were in the early stages of development. She spoke to me about how visual will naturally fall into place the more that the concept develops further into the project. This was really useful for me to hear as I felt that I was slightly behind.

In terms of the feedback relating to the first concept she said that it was a very direct idea which was good. She seemed to like the idea of the clock being used as a symbol for time, but I need to think about the target audience of the campaign who is it really going to be aimed at or for. The idea of a clock was also very clear and most people can relate this to time, she told me about the work of John Mada who did a project called 12 clocks.

My second concept (barriers) Wendy said it would need to be framed correctly as barriers can be seen as quite negative. It would need to framed in a more positive and playful light in order for this negativity to be avoided. We spoke about the use of colour and even exploring the use of transparency to try soften the approach of the barriers.

The third concept I spoke to Wendy about focused on repetition which she liked the idea of incorporating music into concept. She spoke about the music having to be upbeat and joyful and relating to a certain generation. She said to think about breathing as this is a repetitive movement that we do. Overall she seemed to like all three of my initial concepts but said that over the next week we should refine and develop them into stronger concepts ready for Thursday when we meet with Paul.

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