DfRL: Client Meeting #2

During our meeting with Abdul we shared our initial thoughts and ideas for concepts that we were in the process of developing. We were also joined by other members of the team including a speech and language therapist and others who have experience of communicating with someone who has Aphasia. This was a really useful and insightful meeting as we were able to see which ideas sparked excitement and gain any comments on these initial Ideas. At this point I hadn’t developed many of my own visuals so I talked through my moodboards to help them understand what my concepts were. Overall they liked all three of my concepts and were excited to see which concept I would develop further.

Out of the three the majority of people in the client meeting appeared to be more intrigued by my first and third concepts. My first concept of time they thought would help to get people to slow down and really listen. However, they did mention how the clock could appear quite threatening to some individuals, and it could be better to look at something like a breathing timer for this concept. I hadn’t considered this idea of a clock being threatening before but the more I thought about it the more that I understood why. The clock could potential also seem as pressure for some people. This is something I need to consider when building this into a stronger concept.

In the second and third concept feedback was varied, some felt that the repetition was a good idea and could develop into something interesting. A few people in the meeting have a link to music so they understood the idea of the repetition symbol. They thought it would be interesting to see this developed further. Whereas a few of the members of the meeting felt that the barriers concept was strong in getting people to understand about Aphasia and what it is.

On thing I did pick up on within this meeting that I needed to develop a clear target audience and try not to be too general. The audience that I think the client wants communicate to is the general public, this is something I need to bear in moving forward with developing these concepts. Overall I felt that is conversation went well for everyone within the group and we all were able to develop upon the feedback and thoughts of the team.

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