DfRL: Mentor Meeting #2 & Concept Development

Prior to our meeting with Kat I thought that I should add some of the visuals I was thinking about for each of the concepts. This will help me to explain my ideas better via video call as well.

Based on the feedback received from the client meeting I had developed concept 1 the most. I had a quick look at some of the breathing timers that were out there such as on the app CALM. I found that a lot of the apps use circles to help people visualise their breathing. I thought I could take on this idea of breathing and use it to highlight to people that they can slow down by taking a deep breathe, it’s just as easy to slow down and listen to someone who has aphasia. The different thickness of the circle could be used to show inhaling and exhaling. This lead to me thinking more about language and how a comma is used to show when to pause/take a breath. I thought that this could be something I could play on further.

Concept 1 – Developed

For my second concept I developed some typographic elements using coloured block over type to highlight how aphasia has hidden barriers. I experimented with this idea of overlapping to show that there is something hiding that we cannot see. At this stage these were simply initial ideas I think that there is a lot that can be done typographically with this concept. For the third concept I simply explored the idea of repeating patterns and words, using the music repetition symbol as influence for the shapes used within the visuals.

Concept 2 – Developed
Concept 3 – Developed

Feedback for Kat

Kat thought that concept 1 & 3 were my strongest two concepts. She thought that the idea of the comma was really interesting and could be developed further into the project. She felt that the idea of getting people to slow down and learn about aphasia was good with some more refining could be an interesting idea. She liked the idea of the repetition in music thought that is this was visualised better then it could be a strong concept, as it’s an interesting approach to the brief.

Kat gave us the advice that we should think about what we want to make as well as thinking about what would work best for the project. The key is to find the happy medium between the two. I found this meeting with Kat was really helpful, and has given me more confidence in my concepts and ideas moving forward. I think my next step is to refine the ideas in the concepts and develop more sophisticated visuals for each of my concepts.

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