DfRL: Typeface Development & Mentor Meeting

After receiving the feedback from the client I decided to look at the different typefaces that I could use to add more personality to the campaign. After being suggested Effra by Carys I thought that I would start here but also look at other friendly fonts that were available. I narrowed it down to 6 different typefaces Effra, Macho, Tisa San Pro, Proxima Pro, Frieghtsans pro and Gill Sans. Once I played around with showing using these typeface within poster titles, I decided that Tisa Sans Pro and Proxima Pro weren’t fitting right with the campaign. I decided to take the remaining 4 and look at the body copy, Carys said that it’s not just the titles that are important but also the body copy. After looking at all the different typefaces I opted to use the typeface Macho, I felt it worked well with the comma while also providing some


My feedback from Kat was positive, she thought that the typeface worked well within the poster that I was making. In terms of using the comma for information design she felt that there was more I could do with it for example utilising colour a little more to represent certain things.She like the idea of me create two series of posters, 1 typographic and the other based around information design.

In terms of the animation she felt that I could push the animation of the comma further. She suggested this about animating the comma to show the information that I’m talking about visually, such as 1in3. Alongside this she suggested thinking about social media post as a lot of people will probably engage through social media. We spoke about how some of my designs could easily be adapted for social media. Another note we spoke about was costing how thinking about costings is important especially when considering what we are designing for the client. We spoke about how this is important to remember moving forward professionally think abut the clients budget and what they can reasonably afford.

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