DfRL: Three Strong Concept Visuals

After the client and mentor meetings I felt that I was able to start developing more visuals for the concepts. I used the feedback from both of these meeting to help develop my ideas, I knew that the main target audience was the general public now rather than focusing on clinicians and AHP or even people working in retail.

Concept 1

For this concept I started to develop a visual identity using circles, I developed stills for an animation idea which would be based on the idea of breathing and slowing down. The circle represents the idea of time, which realtes to the original idea for this concept. I also started to develop ideas around the use of the comma within the visual language, I took the comma from a san serif typeface and modified it to fit within a circle so that the comma ties in with the idea of a circle. At this stage I haven’t considered how information design will fit into the visual elements however starting off with a simple pie chart might help me find a more creative system to use in the future. I thought that used some turquoise/greens would be interesting as it’s quite calming which still draws attention.

Development – concept 1

Concept 2

For the second concept which is barriers I thought that I would play around with the typography and coloured blocks. In the end I felt that having one accent colour would be better than having several colour. I went for this bright blue to capture attention of the audience and a dark blue and white type to compliment the bold blue. I used the letter ‘A’ as a mark within this concept, using blocks of colour to create the abstract shape. This looked like tape which could link back to the idea of barriers as tape is often used to close things up hiding them from view, for example when wrapping a present. There is still a lot that could be done with this concept visually.

Development – Concept 2

Concept 3

For the third concept I decided to move forward with using the music repetition symbols as a basis for the visuals. Using the lines and dots I created repeating patterns that could be animated or simply used on posters. I thought about using the repetition symbol around the word Aphasia as a mark for the campaign. I felt that this would show the more that we talk about (repeat) the work aphasia and the more that it is likely to be known. For these visuals I wanted the colours to be bright and eye catching. I went for this dark green with a bright pink to create contrast, while using white to compliment the two other colours. Typographical I’ve experimented with repeating key words, this is something that I could develop further if I was to move forward with this concept.

Development – Concept 3

All three of these visual concepts are in the early stages of visualisation, but I feel that they are all strong concepts relating to the brief for the project. Which ever concept I move forward developing it will be further refined so the visuals are as strong as the concept.

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