DfRL: Three Strong Concepts Tutorial

We had our three strong concept tutorial with Paul, this was the second milestone of this project. Over the past week I have received thoughts and feedback from Wendy, the client and our project mentor (Kat). For this tutorial I had developed my concepts based on this feedback. Overall I thought that the feedback from Paul was really positive and constructive, which will enable me to move forward.

My feedback on my first concept (time) was really positive, he thought that the use of the comma was really clever and could be explored further. He suggested maybe exploring the use of a comma after every word in order to show that we need to slow down. He liked the idea of bringing in calmness with the idea of breathing, he felt that it was a interesting overlap. Paul suggested to me that I think about passing time and clarity as these are links to this idea of slowing down. Showing how more time is easy, showing how slowing down is positive. He also told me to refined the comma, maybe taking it from a serif typeface as the commas within these typefaces are more relatable. People will be able to make out the comma better, at the moment is very similar to a speech mark/bubble.

Time Concept

For this presentation my concept about repetition was the next concept that I showed Paul. This was the concept which Paul thought was more like two concepts merge together, repetition or words and repetition in music. As someone who doesn’t known much about reading music the repetition symbols didn’t mean anything to him. This is something that when I was developing the visuals for the concept I thought might be an issue. For someone that isn’t aware of the symbiols it will just be something thats on the page, they won’t be able to take that connection. Paul said that if I was to take forward this concept it would be best if it was just about music helping people with aphasia or just about repetition language helping people with aphasia. But both of these concepts would work.

Repetition Concept

On my final concept, barriers, Paul thought that this was a very direct concept idea, its message was very clear from the start. Highlighting things that affect communication is a different concept idea from any of the other concepts we’d talked about. He thought that it was a very simple approach but would work with more development. There a lot of opportunity moving forward with this concept. In terms of a mark for this concept he thought that the abstract A worked well on a smaller scale not so much on the poster idea. This feedback gave me a lot to think about particular with this concept.

Barriers Concept

This tutorial was really useful as it gave me a lot to think about on all of my concepts. One thing that Paul mentioned throughout the group tutorial was remembering to include information design as this is one of the key assessment point for this project. This was an element of the project that I had forgotten to think about during the concept stage of my project. Furthermore, Paul reiterate a piece of advice that Kat had said to me during our meeting. This was think about what the client needs/wants but also think about what you as a designer would suggest and do. These concepts have the potential to be really ambitious in the outcomes and design.

He also talked a lot about thinking how we were going to pitch the idea to the client, thinking about this throughout the course of the project will help when putting together the presentation which will be over Teams due to covid restriction. At this stage I am thinking about taking forward the first concept of time, I think that I could create an outcome which is ambiguous and creative but answer what the client is asking for.

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