DfRL: Design Development

Following on from my talk with Paul on Thursday I decided to develop my first concept focusing on time further. After talking with Paul I thought that developing the idea of comma would be interesting to explore further as people will tend to recognise what a comma stands for.

I started off by looking at comma’s from a variety of serif typefaces, this was after Paul spoke that commas from these typeface people will often recognise them as comma. After considering 6 different serif typefaces the comma which seemed most appropriate to use was for Times New Roman. This would form the comma that would be used within the branding of the campaign. This comma would also form part of the visual language for the campaign being used in posters and animations. The typeface used for the rest of the campaign I thought should bold and san serif at this stage I decided to use ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro. I created this mark simply using the word Aphasia and the comma with a small tagline, slow down & listen, this would tell people the word Aphasia and what they need to do.

As for a colour scheme I wanted to develop a more sophisticated colour palette one which would capture the attention of the target audience and but not to bright and bold. Prior to this I had been experimenting with purples and greens however, as my original idea was based on being calm and getting people to slow down I felt that incorporating a blue into the design could be good. Blue is often associated with calmness so I felt that this could be used to highlight this but also used as an accent colour within the campaign.

I started to develop a range of posters that could be displayed within the public space, on bus stops or shop windows or even in doctors surgery’s. I used the comma on some of the posters to showcase key statistics about Aphasia. Information Design is an important part of this project and I thought that using the comma as a visual to display data could be an interesting way of incorporating the visual language into the data design. I also developed some typographic posters which used a comma after each word to showcase the need to pause and slow down. I thought about how this could be implemented in other areas as well such as on coffee cups and bus stops.

I also created an initial animation idea which showcases how the comma could be used animated to show and tell people about Aphasia. At this point in the development there is a lot of work that needs to be done by the basic idea would be to showcase the idea of slowing down and taking time to listen and communicate effectively. At this point I simply was trying to use the comma as an animated feature within the moving outcome. However, based on client feedback I thought that trying to show slowing down would be better within the typography. There is still a lot that I felt could be done by animating the comma further maybe to show some of the key information that I talk about.

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