DfRL: Journey Mapping Workshop

In this workshop we spoke about the idea of how we can strengthen our ideas in order to make them stronger, through the use of mapping out journeys. We looked at how creating personas can help identify new design oppitunites and areas that we might not have considered before.

Mapping out the journey of a target audience can help to ground the idea and make sure that the message is clear in everything that we as designers produce. The process of mapping out is a linear approach to design and it does depend on the project that you are working on.

In terms of creating a persona we talked about how having a target audience such as the general public is too broad, and needs to be broken down into a manageable target. As an aim within professional practice Wendy spoke about creating a range of personas around 3/4. Our client has always spoke about raising awareness within the general public which means that I need to narrow this target audience down to ensure that I create something that very bespoke and is effective.

Our task is to create a journey map which shows all the touch points or intervention points where the target audience. Wendy said that we should think about it like a journey, she used the example of a journey to a clinic where could the persona see your message or come into contact with it. Another way to think about creating the map is like a timeline.

Journey Mapping Task

‘My idea can encourage people to slow down and listen’

We were asked to create a series of personas based on our target audience and map out where they would come into contact with our work or when the work would aid them. For my client the main target audience is the public however, this is too board an audience to design for. I thought about targeting the age range 20-35. I create three different personas who fit within my target audience and mapped out where they might come into to contact with elements of the campaign that I’m creating. I decided to draw out a typical day in the life of the three personas and used a system which highlights how likely/unlikely they are to come into contact with elements of the campaign.

From these maps I was able to see where the gaps are that the campaign isn’t reaching and also see new opportunities to spread the word and get people to listen. This task although I found it difficult at the start has helped me to see the opportunities that I have to create something that it unique and bespoke.

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