DfRL: Client Meeting #3

During this client meeting there were mixed emotions amongst the team due to some of the feedback that we were given. I personally felt that I had good feedback from the client on my work, however, it was slightly disheartening to hear a lot of negativity in a meeting.

I showed them my development working on the idea of the comma, moving away from the time and breathing timer ideas. They liked the representation of what the comma means and how it has been used show being patient and pausing. They also felt that the colours worked they were simple but effective. The client described my colours as sophisticated which was positive as I wanted to campaign to be smart. When I played the animation I had created the group thought that it would be more effective with a voice over to help the animation be brought to life. This is something that I think I would need to develop further and could be really effective if done correctly.

One element that one individual did pickup on was the choice of typeface, they felt that it lacked personality and character to the campaign brand. The choice of typeface has been something that I have struggled with throughout the course of the development. Carys (previous student)suggested that I look at Effra and similar typefaces to try and develop my visual language further.

Other than that I also picked up on the fact that the link between aphasia and stroke wasn’t clearly being shown in my campaign. I thought that this could explore further showing people the link between stroke and aphasia. Overall I felt that I could move forward from this meeting, though there seemed to a low moral in the team, I personally could see a way to move forward with my own project.

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