DfRL: Visual Language Tutorial with David

I found this tutorial with David really helpful as it showed me where I could push my project more and be more ambitious in my outcomes. This is something that I really want to try and do in my third year. Overall he seemed pleased with my work, David liked the contrasting colours within my palette and through that the mark I had created was really mature and sophisticated.

He liked my information design that I had created but said it could be explored further. It needs to be developed further in terms of attributing meaning to things, for example my two posters use commas. The one group of comma shows each comma representing 10,000 people while the other the commas represent 1 person and one comma being a different colour to showcase being isolated. I need to think about this system in more depth in order to develop something clearer and defined.

David also suggested maybe looking at other punctation such as em dashes which show a pause as well. This would just allow for some variation in the visuals being used but also for the typographical poster series to have some variation amongst it. I think that this could work well with the em dash, but other punctuation marks might need to be explored further in relation to their meaning within language. I also need to watch my layouts as some things are too close to the edge and spelling can sometimes be incorrect.

When I showed my animation the voice over which I had produced didn’t play through. However, David felt that there was too much text within the animation and there is more to be explored with the use of punctuation marks. David suggested I could try having a comma flash up after very word that the voice over says. Making more use of the visual language rather than just having a lot of type all the time. Also, David suggested looking into showing bad and good communication through the poster design, using commas and not using commas. This could be interesting to explore as an idea moving forward.

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