DfRL: Design Development #3


Following on from my discussion with David I decided that I would develop idea of using the comma to visualise elements that the voice over of the animation is talking about. I animated to comma to replace the large amount of type that was in the original animation that I developed. I also used colour to separate certain comma and make it more visual, for example the 1 in 3 the 1 is highlighted with the bright blue of the colour palette. I have used the opacity setting to animate the commas to show the essence of slowing down which is a key part of the message in the campaign.

Furthermore, as David mentioned trying have the commas flashing up after the words in the voice over to show a similarity between the posters and the animation. Instead of them flashing up quickly and disappearing which might be confusing, I decided to keep them on the screen and have them slowly fade out in the pause after the sentence is finished. I think this works well and continues to communicate the essence of the campaign.

Poster Series

Following on from the feedback I received I thought I would experiment with different punctuation marks to see what works well. I explored the idea of em dashes, parentheses, full stops and question marks. Overall I thought that the em dashes worked the best as they mean taking a pause in language. I also felt that the full stop and parentheses visually didn’t work within the content that I wanted them too. Once I experimented with using the em dash within the poster designs. I used the em dash in a similar way that I used the comma within the typographic poster design. I thought that this worked well and provided a new visual element to the campaign.

I also worked on developing the information design further, as David said it need refining. I thought about how the various in what the comma represents in terms of numerical value. In this case I developed the blue commas to represent 400 while the white commas represent 10,000 people. I decided to use the colour to distinguish between the two values. This could be developed further through the use of em dashes which I have started to explore however, I didn’t think it worked within the series of posters that I was developing for this project.

Social Media

I decided to develop the social media campaign further as this is an important touchpoint for my target audience. As I mentioned before I felt that social media post would reflect that information that was in the posters. I decided to develop the social media posts by firstly producing a series of posts that could be used in the lead up to the launch of the campaign. When I spoke to David he said that he could see this working in the lead up to campaign being launched. I’ve the posts very simple like the posters so that information is clear and direct.

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