DfRL: Design Development #4


The final developments I made to the animation were minor. I dropped the weight of the typography do to a medium and used a semibold weight and the bright blue to highlight the key words within the animation. I felt that this would draw attention to the key words while also making the type easier to read and navigate. I also added the ampersand symbol in to connect parts of the animation where the voice over wasn’t. This visually works with the visual language that I have created for the campaign. Furthermore, I also added in lines as to where the words would be if the voice over was typed onto screen during the animation. This way people might be able to understand what the commas are implying rather than just floating on the screen.

I also took the video into premiere pro where using the De-noise effect I was able to reduce the static in the background in order to have a better sound quality. By doing this I felt that it has given my animation a professional outlook rather than simply being recorded on an iPhone.


I took the posters into Indesign to be developed further, using a grid to ensure that everything was aligned and balanced. I used a 12 column grid on the A3 poster, which helped me to use the grid effectively. To ensure that the poster was balanced I have placed the logos in the bottom right hand corner as this seemed to give the imagery space to breathe while balancing out the poster.

I decided that the information posters would include a small paragraph of information while the typographic posters would only have the logos of the campaign and stroke hub Wales. I felt that this worked better visually but still allowed the target audience to find out where this information had come from and what the campaign was about.

Social Media

For the social media content for the purpose of displaying the project I developed the content for instagram however they could all be adapted and used across different social media platforms. I used a 1080x1080px board to create the social media posts. All of the social media posts had the two logos in the bottom right hand corner of the posts in order to be consistent with the poster series that I have designed as part of the project.

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