DfRL: Mentor Meeting #4

This was the final mentor meeting that we would have with Kat the project is coming to the end on Friday. We spoke to Kat about our presentation on Friday and how best to approach and what she thought that would be good to include within the client pitch. She suggested maybe showing a small amount of development to talk the client on the journey that we have been on throughout this project. She thought that it would be good through the client has seen the development throughout it would tell the story of why you’ve chose what you’ve chosen. Another suggestion Kat made was about using a key line from our research which explains the reason why we’ve gone with the concept that we have developed. She thought this could work well and was something to be explored. She also said for us to take our time and say everything we have to say don’t be rushed by anything make sure I take the time to explain myself and my outcomes and concept. Kat said not to rush through the slides quickly give them decent amount of time to viewed by people and

We also spoke about the design document and how making it like a set of brand guidelines might be really useful. Showing the client and tutors how they would use the brand/campaign moving forward. It’s a useful habit to get into as it important when working professionally on any project to give the client something they can work with in case they decide to take a project in-house.

Over the past two weeks I have really found the sessions with Kat insightful and useful and I feel that I have built up another relationship with someone who’s already working within the industry. She was really helpful when it came to design questions and ideas and I think that having her as a mentor has given me more confidence in my work and in my process as a designer.

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