DfRL: Design Document

As part of this submission we were asked to create a design document that showed our outcomes and why we had chosen to create what we’ve created. There would also be a section of this document which would be similar to a brand guidelines document talking about colour and typography.

I used a 12 column grid on my document as I find it better to design with as your able to divide into 3rd and quarters easily. I have tried to keep the design of the document simple and easy to navigate with clear headings of the sections and defined page numbers on the bottom. I have also used the same typeface and colour scheme that the campaign uses in order to be consistent. This is a document could be given to the client or anyone who wanted to know more about the project and how it was developed or how it could be implemented.

Furthermore, I have tried to include my visual language into the design of the document, using punctuation marks on some of the pages that otherwise wouldn’t have had an imagery on it. All my outcomes were mockup to show them in-situ in order to give the tutors a sense of what the physical outcomes would look like. Normally I would have printed the items off and photographed them however in the current circumstances I wasn’t able to do this.

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