DfRL: Presentation and Reflection

Preparing for the Presentation

I designed the slides in InDesign before exporting them as JPEG files to be placed into the presentation which we were creating on google slides. I limited myself to 8 slides so that I wasn’t overwhelming the client with a lot of work. For me this worked really well as it meant that I wasn’t going to get flustered by having too much work to show them.

In order to prepare for the presentation Meg, Daisy and myself met with Shannon, Ellie and Siwan (Behind Closed Doors) where we did a small practice run through of our presentation. This was really useful for me as I was going to be the one sharing the presentation so I would need to roughly known when to move on with the presentation for the rest of the group. Rather than preparing a script I used reminders on posted notes in order to prompt what I was going to say. Being able to do a quick run through with another group helped me to get more feedback on my project but also practice my presentation skills.

Final Presentation

For the presentation we originally used google slides in order for everyone in the team to have access to the presentation. However, after running into some technical difficulties I had to down the slides document as a PDF and embed the videos through that. This was a difficult part before the presentation because it was stressing that it wasn’t gong to work however, in the end the presentation worked.

I was really happy with how the pitch went I thought I was able to remain professional and not let my nerves get the best of me. This was a new experience for me presenting over teams as we have previously done presentations within the studio space. I thought that I presented well talking to the group without stumbling over my words too much. I thought that I got my point across to the client group and tutors well. Also, being the one who set up the teams meeting and shared the powerpoint was something new for me but it showed me how I’ve developed my professional skills. I have to also say that I am really proud of everyone within my team, this has been an exciting project and under the current circumstances I felt that we’ve worked to the best of our abilities, calling as a team the best we could. I’ve enjoyed this project and hopefully they client too enjoyed my work.

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