Criticality: Initial Ideation & Tutorial with Theo

After the lecture with Theo I started to think about topics that interested me and that would work well for this project. I started the ideation by considering the topic of my dissertation, looking at the effectiveness of sustainability labelling in communicating to consumers. This idea could produce an interesting outcome maybe looking more at semiotics and semiology. During the lecture the idea of zeitgeist interested me because it made me think about the current issue that we are living in, covid-19 pandemic. It could be interesting to produce an outcome aiming to make people aware of the effects that it might have on people and that everyone will have experienced the lockdowns in a different light. It could also offer the idea of hope to some people rather than just negative. I also thought about other issues such as climate change, plastic waste, stereotyping amongst society but the first two are the idea that seem to be drawing me closer.

Feedback from Theo

Obviously at this stage I was still trying to decide on which direction I wanted to take the project so in terms of researching an outcome there wasn’t much that Theo was able to help me with. However, he thought that both ideas had legs and could develop into something interesting. It’s my decision at the end of the day what topic I choice do I want my entire portfolio to focus on the topic of sustainability or do I want to branch out slightly and complete a project on a completely new topic.

Further Ideation

After thinking about the topic more I felt that I wanted to explore something different and disrupt something that is bothering me at the moment. I thought about the experience that we as a race have gone through. Covid-19 is a time that I don’t think any of us will forget. I thought about works like vaccine and social distancing to see if there was anything I could work from there. I ended up looking in the news to see if there was something that could trigger my thoughts but I ended up just finding myself frustrated with the process and feeling negative.

This in it’s own right got me thinking about how negative our news is, although the past year and the ongoing pandemic are very negative and upsetting, there are still some smaller positives that have arrived from it. Yet we never hear about the positive stories or the positive figures in the same light. If we heard about things in this light it might help individuals mental health and wellbeing too.

This sparked the initial idea for me that what if there was a device or way in which for every negative headline a person views there is a positive story that pops up alongside it to showcase that there are still positive things happening no matter how small they are.

My next stage is to do some further research into this before considering the visual look of the project.

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