Criticality: Research

Topic Research

As part of my research into this topic I looked at the ofcom reports about news consumption within the UK. This latest report highlights that 75% of people get their news fix from the TV, 65% find learn about the news via the internet, while 47% of people find out through printed/online newspapers or apps. This gave an insight into where people find these news stories. The report also showcases that less people are using social media to learn about the news. I found this intriguing because I would say people might generation would find majority of their information via social media platforms. However, according to OfCom the biggest news sores are the BBC, ITV and Facebook within the UK.

In 2019 there was a research study undertaken of six European centuries about the balance between negative, neutral and positive news stories being shown. The UK was came out on top alongside the The Netherlands with 50% of the stories being negative. Only 14% of the stories are deemed positive within the UK while The Netherlands appear to have a better balance of 40% being positive. This really highlighted that this is a problem within our culture, why are we being shown more negative headlines, is there a reason why we are drawn to negative headlines, could they be a cause of mental health deterioration amongst the population.

My research also showed that there are positive stories being told out there but they are on completely different platforms, not on the main platforms that people would look for news. This shows that there is a definite problem that needs to be addressed why are we shown all negative, why isn’t the balance more equal?


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