Criticality: Ideation and Tutorial with Carol


Following on from the research that I under took I have started to think about how I could disrupt spaces that we find the news and how I can do that. I immediately thought about the notifications that we get on our phones when headlines are announced what if there was some sort of software that countered the negative headlines by showing us a positive story within the news. This started my ideation to follow thinking about the idea of news paper clippings creating an image that shows this rather than solving it. I think this has been the hardest part of my understanding this brief because I’m used too showcasing a solution to a problem rather than a highlighting the problem.

I also started to think about outcomes using newspapers themselves, having small tip ins to highlight how good news is often overshadowed by negative news. Or having a spread which physically shows the positive news being kept smaller than the negative news. The idea of animation has also crossed my mind because it could be visual interesting to consider how the morphing the words into the words negative and positive could be impactful.

Tutorial Feedback

I found this tutorial with Carol really helpful as I was able to talk through this idea of disrupting our negative newsfeeds. (I have developed this idea since speaking to Theo). Carol thought that I could push this idea further maybe by looking a newspapers and doing an analysis of how much space is taken up by what category. It could be worth being more specific in terms of who I am aiming to communicate as positive news for one person might be negative for another person. I think that this is an important step in the development of this project.

It was really helpful to hear other opinions in the group because they all had different perspectives on the news and why they look at the news. Obviously it was clear that majority of people are drawn towards negative news more than positive because the news is often where we find out about the world. This is something that I think I’m aiming to showcase that it’s not all about being negative.

One important point I want to try focus on is coming up with someway of surprising people in the space they would normally come into contact with the news.

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