Criticality: Tutorial Feedback

I spoke to both Carol and Theo about my ideas and thoughts after conducting the analysis and further research after last week. I found that they helped to reassure me that I was going along the right lines for the project and idea was interesting, as this was a small worry that I had about the project.

We spoke about the concept of the idea and about fedelity and how in order to really bring my idea to life the aesthetics for the project should be dictated by the current news aesthetic, in particular website and news apps. In some ways this is good the current climate as I can use screen grabs etc to help bring my idea to life.

We then went onto discuss the idea of value judgement that I would be placing on the use of language. Theo posed the question as to how I am going to assessing what is negative and what is not? Carol mentioned that this is what she meant last week and I think I got caught up in other areas of research that I just forgot about this, but it’s a really important point. Positive and Negative news will mean different things to different people and this is something that I need to think about. We spoke about maybe focusing on a narrow topic within the news which brought me back around to my thoughts on the pandemic and news around that. As a topic it might be easier in the first instant to distinguish between positive and negative as it’s not an issue that people are voting on.

I need to think about what makes the idea of good news interesting? What does good news actually mean? Carol mentioned that I need to be careful not to just go this is positive and this is negative. I need to really think about it and understand what it means. Both Theo and Carol mentioned examples of work that might be worth looking at from a positivity point. a point that Carol mentioned was about getting to much positive news might be the same as negative it doesn’t serve a purpose? This is an idea that I think could be interesting to think about through developing the project this week.

Finally I think the next stage is to really push this idea further for a day or two as I know what the aesthetic of the project is going to look like due to the context that I have decided to work in. Theo also mentioned to me that I should maybe think about the message that I would like the audience to get from my work. What do I want people to think and feel when they see what I have done and created? By thinking about this is affectively gives the project a brief to work with, which makes it similar to the project that I have worked on in the past.

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