Criticality: Pushing the Idea

Following my last tutorial with Carol and Theo I knew there were certain elements of this idea that I needed to look at and keep pushing forward. Considering the question that they asked me in the tutorial it was clear that positive and negative news cannot be defined easily. What is positive for one individual might be negative for another?

When research into this idea more I found that there was very little research into what makes a story negative or positive. There was some research that talked about points and how the number of negative points might outweigh those of positive therefore the article would be negative but there wasn’t any clear method as to how someone defines it as good or bad. This fell along the same sorta lines as the finding out what makes good news good news. The definition for the term good news is something that’s positive, encouraging, uplifting, desirable or a like.

There are designers and individuals out there who are producing things such as ‘good news newspapers’. The Happy Newspaper created by Emily Coxhead is an example of one of these good news sources. On her website Coxhead states ” Every single day there are people helping others and doing incredible things in all corners of the planet and the majority of them aren’t celebrated, but we think they deserve to be recognised. We aim to bring a refreshing twist on what we typically know as ‘news’, reporting on positive changes and truly inspiring people.” This is her definition of what good news is and what it stands for. For Coxhead it’s clear that happy news is about celebrating what others are doing to make positive changes in the world.

Another definition about the what positive news is comes from the online newspaper Positive.News. “Positive News is the magazine for good journalism about good things. We are pioneers of ‘constructive journalism’ – a new approach in the media, which is about rigorous and relevant journalism that is focused on progress, possibility, and solutions. As a magazine and a movement, we are changing the news for good.” This gives a different perspective about what positive news could be, it’s about changing perceptions about the news being negative.

For this project to work I think that I will have to use stories around the pandemic as there is no sides that people can really choose (Unlike where as on political matters people tend to chose one side or another). As a population I think it’s reasonable to say that we all want the same thing for the pandemic to get better and see things starting to return back to normal. With this in mind I should be able to start distinguishing between the two aspects.

I thought that about what I wanted the audience to gain from my piece of work. What I wanted them to think and feel when they see the outcome. After looking at the research I want to get the audience to think about the type of news that they choose to consume raise awareness that there isn’t a balance in the news that we consumer. The use of negative language is over shadowing news that some might find more comforting to read about. By establishing this I can now move forward into developing visuals and an outcome for the project.

Further Research Sources

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