Criticality: Development #1

After spending time developing the idea and trying to push it further, I thought about how I was going to present the concept visually. Now that I had developed a statement to act was a type if brief for the project as what I want the audience to gain from my outcome this made it easier to think about the visual aspect of the project. As mentioned before I already had a clear aesthetic for the project as it is going to based of the current news website/app style and I have chosen to focus on the BBC as research showed that this was one of the most popular news sources.

Using my sketchbook I sketched out the first visual that changed the visual language of the website. The home page would have negative and positive headlines sitting side by side therefore highlight that this is how the news should be promoting both types of stories at the home page. This visual for the concept would use photoshop to manipulate the elements on the page and show how it might look.

The next idea focuses on the BBC News app and the language. The interface on the app is very different from the website and personally when using it the language is the first thing that catches my eye. As mentioned it could be interesting to change the language to words associated with being positive. A page of apps where the language is extremely positive could make the viewers think twice about how the news is normally very negative.

The third visual idea for the concept that I thought about would take the current visual aesthetics of the BBC website but when you went to click on an article before it opens as ‘feelings warning’ would pop up. This visual idea came from looking back over Theo’s presentation where he had trigger warnings on some of the work we were looking at. If a trigger warning posed up every time you wanted to read a post, I think this would get the consumer to think about the the of news they are consuming. Which in turn might get them to consider limiting time they spend reading or even seek out some positive news for the day.

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