Criticality: Development #3

After my tutorial with carol I decided that it would be best to look at developing the aesthetic of the warning and look at the copy as well. I want to make the viewer realise that the effects of reading the news can have on emotions in particular causing worry and anxiety around a topic. This got me thinking about the wording being changed to anxiety trigger and then having a small amount of copy underneath listing a few of the feeling that might be experienced. I experimented with the aesthetic of the warning and looked over the branding of BBC News. I felt that the use of the callout style warning would work well with the existing aesthetic of the website.

In after effect I was able to start animating the callout to work with the screen recording. I found the animation of the warning brought the idea to life, especially by having the screen recording acting as thought someone is actually using the website. I created one version where it simply popped up with the phrase ‘Warning Anxiety Trigger’. I thought that this worked because it was short and sharp, while still being surprising to the viewer.

I have also developed a second options where there is a short amount of text that also pops up alongside the callout which highlights the potential feelings that someone might have from reading the article. The pop up of the copy follows the same visual style as the call out as it wanted to make this as realistic as possible. By adding a small amount of copy to the callout I think will give the viewer more content about the term anxiety is referring too.

Both of these versions of the idea work well and I think after I show them to both Carol and Theo tomorrow I will be able to move forward a make any small changes needed. I am also hoping to showcase this by videoing someone using the website to showcase it in situ.

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