Criticality: Development #4

Tutorial Feedback

I was able to show my animation to both Theo and Carol during my tutorial and they thought that this was a really interesting idea and a project that could be developed a lot further. They were able to give me a few points to develop on this project in the next few day:

  • maybe consider changing the colour of the trigger warning at the moment blends to much into the BBC branding.
  • Consider if it was an external plug in for a web browsers how it could be used on multiple websites not just the BBC this might help with the colour choice of the trigger warning.
  • Consider a way of how the trigger warning could come before they even see the image or the article, as this is normally where we would see the warning.

Theo also mentioned looking at a episode of Black Mirror where a young girl has her brain modified by her parents to keep her protected. This lead onto us having a conversation about warnings and resilience, how do we strike the right balance between the two.

Research and Development

Thinking about how the trigger warning could come first got me thinking back to the research into blurring out news articles and the work of Libby Miller and Alicia Grandjean. They created software to blur out certain articles on news websites something like this could work well with the trigger warnings. Miller and Grandjean’s work is for the BBC whereas I’m starting to think that this could be something that acts on all websites not just the BBC. As Theo suggested I watched the black mirror episode ‘Arkangel’ where Sara has technology implanted into her after she get’s lost at young age. The technology allows her mother to see her location, vision, hearing and allows her mother to censor distressing content. This got me thinking about how there needs to be a balance for people between the two. Maybe within my idea I only censor certain articles. If this was to be developed into an actual browser then the software would determine whether an article would need to be blurred out.

In terms of changing the colour of the warning pop up I felt that either a yellow or an orange could work. Both colours are used to draw attention or increase awareness therefore I think that they work with the idea behind the project. Also the colours would both visual disturb the example of the BBC and also attract attention if this was to be used on another site as well. I felt as though a darker colour would have just been dismissed by the eye when reading the scrolling would have be much faster.

Going into after effect I decided that the colour orange would work best with the colours on this example. A yellow I thought would have just blurred the background further. I also have used a masked rectangle with a lens blur on it to hide the headline and when the mouse scrolls over where the headline should be then the trigger warning pop up. In order to make the outcome appear realistic I videoed someone sitting at the computer using the ‘website’ in order to highlight the fidelity side. When I tired this you weren’t able to see the animated video correctly and this is what the focus of the animation should be. Instead for the purpose of this submission I am thinking that I would be better using a mockup

Overall I am happy with the outcome that I have been able to produce for this project in the circumstances. I think that I have touched upon a topic that I’m really interested in and is something that I could continue to research and develop further. While it both offers a solution to the problem it also highlights to the viewer the amount of news that can cause us to feel anxious or frustrated.

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