Dissertation Design: Ideation & Tutorial

My Dissertation focused on recycling and sustainability labels on food packaging. I analysed their effectiveness to communicate to consumers as there is this common perception that they are confusing. For this I felt that it was appropriate to use the shapes and labels that I looked at to inspire the visual language for the project.

As we are only required to produce a cover and 5 double page spreads I thought for the starting point of this project that I would focus on the introduction chapter as the content of this would fit nicely across the 5 double pages. Before starting I looked at examples of layouts and formats to help me to ideate what the outcome might look like. One of my favourite format was this project where the books where hidden inside a piece of packaging and this was then opened in order to read the books. This got me thinking about using packaging as an inspiration for my own outcome.

Spending time sketching out initial layouts in my sketchbook help me to think about the composition before going into indesign. I wasn’t sure what size to make the editorial so for the purpose of the tutorial I thought I would work on B5 format. This would allow me the room to work while not being to large or small. I found that I was drawn to the idea of using photography within the editorial as it linked to the idea of product photography and seeing the most important labels there. This led me to take some photos of packaging and then edit them to be used in the spreads.

In indesign I played around with layout and colour decided that green would be best as it has close links to the theme of sustainability and therefore the audience would be able to create that link. I wanted to experiment with using the symbols as a visual language therefore I have started to play around with them. However, I think that further down the line it would be interesting to incorporate into the spreads more.

Tutorial Feedback

  • The symbols on the 5th spread works because of the simplicity.
  • There is opportunity to be creative and recreate the styling of the labels. – Printed or Photoshop
  • Theres clear hierarchy
  • Watch the typesetting in some places – rag in places.
  • Push the imagery further opportunity with the label.
  • Need to decide on whether it’s formal or experimental.
  • Maybe think about using packaging as a substrate – what would the page look like if it was on the back of cornflakes box. Or what would it look like adding green or type over the top of packaging.

I will take these comments on board and start experimenting with idea that have been suggested to me. I think they will give the diss design a stronger context of the project.

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