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AfterLife #4 – Maris Latham

Today’s afterlife talk we heard from Maris who graduated from the course 2 years ago. I remember going to the graduation show when I was in first year and seeing her Final Major Project which inspired me then, so it was interesting to hear her speak today.

One of the main points I took from Maris’s talk was that it’s okay not to know what we want to do straight out of uni. Everyone has different pathways it’s not as simple as just going from A to B. I have started to think about this and although I know where I might like to end up nothing is set in stone. Hearing about all the fact that thinking about what the worse that can happen is something that I am definitely going to take away from this weeks talk. I always find myself thinking too much about situation and thinking like this will make it easier the long term. Also, keeping an eye out for something that I really and interested in was another point that has really hit home with me. Don’t just panic and think well I have to get a job straight away, keeping an eye out for something that you’re really interested in is important.

Another important point that I took from Maris was the idea of it’s okay to have a break as there is this perception that we must be producing top quality work all the time when in actual fact this can just lead to burn out which won’t be productive at all. I think I need to bear this in mind especially when working from home as it can be so super easy to just be working non stop.

A top tip that Maris gave was realising what your values are as a designer and what it is that makes you tick. If you’re doing work like this then your passionate about it and want to work on it and now in the final year of university is the time to do this. It was evident that Maris loved type and when seeing some of the personal project that she had completed it was clear. The important point I took away from this section of her talk was that passion project can help us play without expectation which can lead to unexpected opportunities in the long run.

I found this talk interesting as it from the perspective of an individual who has done the same course and is now working in local industry. Her advice on having fun now really has inspired me to do something that I’m passionate about in my final major project.


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