FMP: Theme Tutorial Feedback & Initial Project Proposal

The tutorial was interesting for me as I was able to hear about other peoples thoughts about what thy were going to do. I spoke about my ideas and I thought that the feedback was insightful and gave me more to think about in terms of where I am going to take the proiect. David spoke about maybe looking at movement within the sport as there might be more within that rather than looking at a social theme such as gender or body image. I found this idea interesting as was something I wanted to think about in more detail before submitting the Initial Project Proposal.

After the tutorial I went back to main topic of rhythmic gymnastics and started to think about what the movements are like within the sport. This got me thinking about my own time in the sport and how when I first started competing my coach would have to right my sheet so that the judges knew what elements (movements) I was going to do during a routine. these were written in the form of icons which refers the body elements. These are international symbols which can be used to identify the movements no matter what country they are from. I thought how it could be interesting to do something with these looking at maybe redesigning or reinventing the iconography that is use maybe looking at information design as this is something that I enjoyed at the start of the year.

Furthermore I also spoke to Meg on a call and we thought about how there’s also potential to be inspired by the shapes and body movements to create a typeface. I have always thought about exploring type design and being able to design my own typeface but haven’t felt ambitious enough to do it. We spoke about the poitneital to all should the physical aspects of what it takes to get into these movements and what happened to the joint and body weight. This is something that I could think about in more depth before my next tutorial as I would have to do more research into this to really understand the body weight mechanics.

In the end I decided that I would write a proposal which looked at body movement. I didn’t state what the outcome was going to be because I feel that I would like to discuss both outcomes with Carol on my tutorial and undertake more reading around this idea. Below is the final proposal that I have submitted for this stage.

Movement of the Body // Exploring the movement and shapes created by the body in relation to Rhythmic Gymnastics in order to generate a visual intrepretation of the sport. 

I’m interested in both areas that I am consider working in and both aim to generate a visual representation/interpretation of the sport. Both type design and information design would work within my portfolio as it is something that I’m missing, and I wanted to try something more ambitious.

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