FMP: Group Tutorial

In the tutorial today we spoke with Carol about our themes for the project and what we were thinking about doing. It was a discussion to get a broader sense of the topic and maybe help us think about the why and narrowing down our topics. I thought that I already had a clear sense of where and why I wanted to take this project but I found the tutorial helpful to think about areas of research I need to think about as I develop the project.

Carol seemed to be really positive about my idea and thought that I had a clear sense of what I wanted to do. I essentially want to create a typeface that uses the attributes of the sport. One question that Carol did propose to me was about having access to material from rhythmic gymnastics. This is one aspects that I think is going to be the trickiest due to the pandemic and the clubs being shut at the moment. However, I think with what I am hoping to do I can use found imagery and my own imagery from a few years ago in order to help me create this typeface. I also still have the ability to perform a few of the movements and elements myself and a sibling who will be able to as well so think that there is ways to substitute for not having the same access as normal.

Another interesting question that Carol asked was what can I draw on from my own personal experience and embodied knowledge of the sport. For me I think I can bring this knowledge of placement of body weight and the technical aspects they could lend themselves to the typeface as well. Having been in the sport I think I can bring an understanding of the shapes created from the body and apparatus. An interesting angle could be applying some of the systems of rhythmic gymnastics to the typeface or coming up with different applications for those features could be interesting.

Carol mentioned maybe looking at typefaces that have been drawn from movement practices. I have started to look at this however I haven’t found any yet apart from the human alphabet by Jennifer Blakely which is a photography project. This is a key research point for me moving forward before writing my creative brief which is the next stage of the project. I think that having a creative brief will help me to focus my project a bring it back together to keep me on track and focused.

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