Dissertation Design: Development #1

After speaking to David and the group in the last tutorial I thought about how I could use packaging like the substrate for my dissertation design. This would link back to the idea of recycling as if I’m using old packaging this is a form of recycling in it’s own right. I wanted to see how it would work if I could print onto the packaging. At this point in time I wasn’t able to print professionally onto the old cornflakes box so I used a medium to transfer the ink using paper and water to remove unwanted paper. This was an attempt to get a physical idea of how it might look. I found that it worked extremely well and I thought that I could use old cereal boxes as the substrate for the piece.

After rethinking about how I could use packaging ( in this case a cereal box) as the medium for the outcome I thought that it would provide a nice cover for the final outcome. I sketched out ides of how this could work with the title going over the front of the box, I still wanted to final price to look as tho it was a piece of packaging therefore I skecthed out the layout of the box the changed parts of the layout to work with the elements of my dissertation. The nutrition table that was on the back on the cereal box I have changed to become the table of contents for the dissertation- having this on the back meant that people would know what was inside the actually editorial piece.

In order to see if the layout would work with the idea I printed off the sections and used the reference box to stick the cut outs onto. I found that this was beneficial beaucae I was able to pin point elements that were working and elements which needed to be developed. I thought that this idea of using the box as the cover gave a stronger sense of the project context but also is experimental in approach.

The next stage is developing the spreads in the editorial I have been thinking about using labels as a way of displaying the pull out quotes in the section that I am showing. I think that this will give the outcome more context moving forward and allow the final spreads to be playful rather than feel too much like annual report.

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