FMP: Visual Research #2

As my ideas for this project have started to develop and after my creative brief I have done further research into other projects which have been inspired by movement of the human body. I was surprised by how the human body and movement has influence graphic designers and typographers over the years such as artists like Karel Teige.

I found that a lot of the projects were inspired by dance movements which links to my theme of rhythmic gymnastics as there is an element of dance to this. As I have been focusing my project around type and typography I came across a project by typotheque called Dance Writer. In 2009 they produced an interactive installation which allowed the viewer to pick a letter and then see it being performed on the screen. They later developed this project into an app format which allowed users to send messages in the same way seeing the dancer perform the characters on the screen. I found this project inspiring as it showed me the opportunities to be really creative and push this idea to the next level. The video of the exhibition space being used got me thinking about the how I could potential look at something similar in today’s current climate.

I also thought about kinetic typography as this is something that I have discussed with both David and Carol as an avenue to explore as part of this project. I came across the branding project of Courtney Tulloch who’s a male artistic gymnast. JKR global designed a brand for him based around his movements as a gymnast.

They created a custom typeface for him as well based on analysing his movements when on the rings. They way that the typography moves mirrors he movements on the ring. This is something that I could achieve with rhythmic gymnastics as the movements are very different depending on the type of element that is being performed. This piece in particular has allowed me the chance to think about expanding my motion graphics work within my portfolio as this is something that I’ve not done a huge amount and could highlight these skills that I have.


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