FMP: 3 Approaches Feedback and Thoughts

I thought that the feedback that I had from the tutorial today was really positive and has given me a lot to think about moving forward with this project. I left the call feeling as though I had a lot of avenues and ideas that I could explore more and this will help me to develop my visual language for the project.

Overall, people thought that the project was interesting and exciting, it seemed most people thought motion could help bring the project to life. However, from the feedback there is definantly more scope for the 1st and 2nd concept from a final major project perspective as I’m proposing something where as the third concept has already been done before. The main question back was how if typography is the channel for conveying the idea how does it take on the character of the gymnast?

David seemed to think there was something already in the letterforms that I had started to look at where the character morphed into one shape into another. I’ve already started to create a typographic system in a sense. He thought there was something interesting looking at the variability of one letterform and how it can inter change. Thought that it worked nicely in the way that it’s already illustrated. This idea could work nicely with the kinetic type which is the idea that I seemed more drawn to personally.

We also discussed how it might sit in a printed context as well – what would a rhythmic gymnastics routine look like if it was typeset. Could it be applied to something like a flip book and or a lamp that spins to create the motion. Furthermore, David also gave me the name of a project that he thought that I should look at – Typographic Choreography by Joel Frear who created glyphs from these images of someone performing ballet. This is a project links in a mine as it’s all about the movement and could act as inspiration for my own project. I’m excited to take this forward and start developing a project and visual language. When talking about Joel’s project we got talking about the icons used in the code of points within rhythmic gymnastics. David thought that this would be another interesting avenue to explore, and something that I hadn’t thought about in enough details but something over the weekend I want to develop.

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