FMP: 3 Strong Approches

In the creative brief I focused a lot on type design and creating a typographic outcome that visual inteerpretation the movements of Rhythmic Gymnastics. As my ideas have developed I have tried to come up with ambitious ideas that encompass both the idea of type design and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Approach 1

The first approach would be creating a typeface design that would then sit within the contexts of a campaign or similar. The typeface could be based off movements and characteristics of the sport. As seen from previous sketches that I have started to do this has been the basis of all my approaches for the project. I’ve been inspired by the work of NM type and the way they interpreted the movements of the dancer in order to create a custom typeface. The typefaces could also be affected by centre of gravity, balance (where the body weight is placed.)

Approach 2

The second approach that I’m proposing is a kinetic typeface that’s animated to move in a similar manner to a rhythmic gymnast. I was inspired by the branding for Courtney Tulloch and the way the type moves in a similar manner to how he performs as a gymnast. There is potential for this approach to consider the other aspects of the sport such as the apparatus and music, the type could be interacting with the apparatus and respond to the music in the animation just like the gymnast would do when performing a routine. There is also the potential for approaches 1 & 2 to be combined – creating my own typeface then animating it as mentioned in approach 2

Approach 3

The third approach I’m considering is an interactive Installation. I was inspired by the work of Typotheques Dance Writer exhibition where you could chose a letter to see being performed by the dancer. I thought that I could do something similar where the type would react to what the viewer wanted to see. There is opportunity to get the viewer involved in this through webs camera causing the type to interact with the movements of the body. – which could mean looking a the body movements in a general manner rather than just within rhythmic gymnastics.

I will present all three of these approaches in my tutorial and see what David and my peers say about developing the idea further within this project. I have a feeling which approach I think would be interesting to develop in this current climate and stage of the project but I think that talking the different approaches through will be helpful in moving forward the project.

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