FMP: Tutorial Feedback

In the individual tutorial with David I was able to talk about the progress I had made since talking to the Carol and my group on Monday. The feedback from the tutorial was really positive and has helped me develop a clear idea of where to go moving forward. I was also able to ask questions concerning imagery and music. Below are the notes that I made:

  • Exciting project really interesting.
  • Maybe try emailing to get permission to use music within piece of work – if you don’t ask you won’t get.
  • Strong contrast and balance within some of the symbols.
  • Maybe create more balance in some of the symbols using different weights of lines – look at typeface Didot.
  • The project feels the need for bold colours – think about colours that don’t necessarily be paired together normally.
  • Almost re-imagining what rhythmic gymnastics looks like.
  • Photographing parts of body to use as imagery could be super interesting as it not as expected as having the gymnast perform the movement. This is more manageable in the current climate as well.
  • Giving the contexts to the symbols without being too obvious about it though this use of imagery.
  • Animation – David sent a link to a previous students work Einstein on the Beach by Matthew Wallace this was due to the rhythm of the animation and something like this could work well for my project.

These are all points that I need to think about in more detail as I develop the project however, I feel that the project is moving in the right direction and that I’m heading for a really interesting project and a piece that could be really stopping in my portfolio.

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