FMP: Visual Language Development

After discussions in the tutorial I decided to go through and develop sketches of all the icons for the movements within the sport. Using the similar style that I had started to develop in the last tutorial. Using tracing paper and pencils I was able to start creating a consistency amongst the shapes that I had created. The fluid motions of the stroke represents the elegance of the sport and the pointed ends of them represent the details of pointed toes and detailed nature of the hands when competing in the sport.

I then took these into illustrator and started by using the image trace tool, however, they weren’t tracing in the crisp manner that I wanted them. I used the pen tool to draw the curved lines and shapes of the icons. I was able to reuse the same shapes throughout the process in order to create a consistent set of shapes. They still need developing further however, I think that they are starting to come together as a group. When I was creating the icons for the apparatus handling I found that I was using a mixture of thinner and thicker strokes in comparison to the other icons around body movement.

Then as mentioned last week I thought about how this could then be used an applied to create outcomes which gave an essence of the sport. We discussed last week about typesetting routines and the icons being used on photos of gymnast doing the movements. I thought I would experiment with this taking old photos of myself doing the sport and using the icons over the top just to start showcasing how it could look. Furthermore, as this project started by looking at kinetic typography I thought that animating these symbols to work with the routines could be interesting to explore so I started to play around with this further.

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