FMP: Tutorial Feedback and Development

Feedback from Tutorial 16/03/21

I found the tutorial was useful again to get not only David’s feedback but also the feedback of my peers. The feedback was useful as I’d started to stray away from my initial idea of movement and this is something that they thought I should focus on more rather than the reflection on the routine before the gymnast enters the floor. I knew that this might be the case and I think that if I can direct some better imagery using the apparatus of the sport this will help think about movement again. Also the symbols would work better if they were one per image the rather than several smaller ones on a page they don’t work as well. And the vibrant colours are working maybe consider placement of the symbols in black and white first before adding colour.

It was also mentioned that it’s important for me to clarify what the symbols mean, I understand what they mean as I have a background in the sport but someone who might be interested in starting wouldn’t understand. This is something that I need to think about more as it could be that I create a type specimen style booklet to work along side this. Furthermore, using video in the background could help give the context of the meaning behind the symbol. There was also discussions about what the final outcome of this might be – I originally was thinking an animation of the symbols but it could also be a range of images that display a routine or series of videos that help create a sense of the sport.


After the tutorial I started to go back into my sketchbook and think about how I can bring this project to life more, using the feedback as audience on where to take it. I started to think about movement and drawing up some visuals that I’m hoping to take in the next few days using the equipment I have and am hoping to get hold off.

As some initial experimentation I took some quick photos using my phone of one of the balances focusing on the distinct shape of the leg. I then edited this in the same way using duotones then added the symbols in yellow over the top. I think that this route in terms of art direction will work as it’s allows the viewer to get a sense of the movement without actually seeing the entire movement.

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