FMP: Visual Language Development #2

I have started to develop the icons based on the feedback I was given from David at the last tutorial. I took the previous icons and developed them to incorporate a range of thin and think strokes, I looked at the typeface Didot for inspiration for this as this is also something that myself and David discussed. I found that the icons are more refined and work better as a set with the apparatus handling symbols. The fact that they remind me of calligraphy is interesting as mentioned before rhythmic gymnastics is like a craft as much as it is a sport. Calligraphy and Type design are also crafts so this subtle link between the two works in conveying the message of the project.

As I’d spoken to David about imagery within this project I have been able to find some of my old equipment to use and have been in contact with some individuals to try and borrow a few pieces in order to video the apparatus moving with the body of the gymnast. However, I was able to start taking photographs of myself using self timers to showcase pointed toes and the competition bun. As a visual the bun reminds me of the pressure of competitions days and how important it is to have neat hair when doing to sport. Furthermore I have also concentrated on the feet and the positions of the feet as this is something that I can explore further.

I have also experimented with add duotone colour as I want this piece to be bright, bold and almost reimagine the sport. The sport has a reputation for being very girly and balletic which it is however, the amount of training that has to go into the sport is hard and tiring. Through the use of bold colours it aims to showcase the hard work that goes into the sport and it’s not all about dancing around the floor – this for me would be showcased through pastel colours. Also, every gymnast within the sport will have a different style and prefer different music – the variety of colours shows this nature within the sport.

Using the imagery of the bun I thought about overlaying the symbols set like they would be a routine in order to showcase the gymnast thinking about the routine before going onto the floor. This is one thing as a gymnast I did before going to compete of competition floor and is a technique I passed down to the gymnasts that I coached. I thought that this worked well as it shows what’s going through a gymnasts head at the time. I want to develop this into an animated piece as well so that the symbols move but I’m still in the process of developing this stage. I have used contrasting colours for the symbols to again create an impact and surprise the audience as they wouldn’t be expecting it.

I am happy at this stage where the project is heading – I am hoping to get some rights to use a piece of rhythmic gymnastics music in order to animate some of the symbols as if they were a routine. I am also working towards creating some video footage of the apparatus which I can then animate the symbols over.

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