FMP: Development #3

In the last tutorial I was asked about the context that the final piece would take. In the creative brief I wrote the deliverables were focused on type design and celebrating the movements of the sport, however, the project has developed slightly and is now looking at the notation already in the sport creating a stylised version of the symbols and celebrating the movement from the sport using these. From my research I have started to explore this idea of motion and kinetic typography and I think that this would work nice with the symbols that I have already created.

In terms of what the context of the final piece will be at this stage I am hoping to produce a animation of a routine using the symbols to do so. This is will be accompanied by footage of the apparatus and photography of the movements with the symbols animated or still over the top of them. In order to ensure people understand the meaning of the symbols I am going to produce a type specimen book that will go through and explain the meaning behind each symbol. I’m thinking of this as a reimagined code of points that could be more interesting for gymnasts to learn these symbols and languages. I have started to sketch out some of these in my sketchbook to start providing me some initial visuals to work with.

I then went on to shoot some content and footage that I could use within some of the project. Using my photography skills and self timers I was able to shoot the photography and complete the movements within the imagery. I used the apparatus I had availability to at the time, there is still three apparatus I haven’t been able to get hold off. The aim of the shoot was to capture the unique movements of the body and apparatus, which I feel I have started to capture within these images. I edited these using duotone like I had on the previous photos as this was a style that David and my peers thought worked really well.

I then experimented with having the single symbols over the top of these imagery and on reflection they are more impactful than the smaller symbols across one image. I thought each of the elements could have a different set of colour schemes which is something that I want to develop further for the supporting editorial booklet.

Animation Development

As I wanted to showcase what a routine might look like if it was typographical set and kinetic I needed to find some rhythmic gymnastics music that I could use. Unfortunately after researching the copyright and asking I wasn’t able to get hold of the piece that I wanted specifically. Instead I went through public domain and royalty free libraries and found a piece of music that I could choreography a routine too. I started the process with the music and choreographing the placement of the elements in my head, as I would have done with an actually routine back when I was coaching. I started to animated the pivots to spins on the y-axis as the gymnast would, I thought that was a really nice addition to the piece. There is still a lot of development to do on this piece however, I feel that it is a strong start.

I also have started to develop a range of smaller animations using the video content I’ve been shoot of the apparatus and body movement of the gymnast. In particular I have developed the gymnast doing a spin for the symbols to again spin on the y axis and in the same time as the body is moving the video. I think these will create really interesting additions to the project showcasing how it could be used in a similar way to dance notation . I also did similar outcomes with other footage of the ball and apparatus handling.

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