FMP: Research into Dance Notation

Speaking to Carol about my project and her suggestion at looking at dance notation I thought that it would be useful to do some research into this and how it could relate to my project. I have previously done a small amount of reading into dance notation however, I wanted to expand on this knowledge further.

From my research I found that dance notation is the translation of four dimensional movement into written form – similar to the music notes on a sheet, it tells the individual how to play a pice of music. This relates to what I am doing within my project as these symbols used to be used to write the routines for competition and I’m restyling them and using them to show a routine expressed through design using them.

I watch a video about Amanda Eyles who is a Benesh Choreologist and Stager – who says that notation has a very important role to play even in this day and age of video and photography. Amanda also said that a video gives you a version of the dance whereas notion in dance gives you more detail about what you’re aspiring to do and what the choreographer wanted you to do. There could be a number of different interpretations of a dance if you follow a video that’s one interpretation of the dance. This links to the idea of rhythmic gymnastics as when I was younger counties were passed on from gymnast to gymnast – no two performance were ever the same, but they might have been more alike if there had been something like scoring.

She explained that Notation has three layers to it – the first being the movement of the body – the second being the relationship between movement and music – the third being the relationship between you and space and other people of the stage. This idea of layers relates to rhythmic gymnastics further because I would say a routine in rhythmic gymnastics has 4 layers to it. The movement of body, relationship between body and apparatus, the relationship between movements and music and the relationship between performance and space. This idea of layers could also feed into my design practice and aesthetic of the animation, but also the supporting booklet could have tipping that layer over imagery to showcase these different aspects of a performance.

I think that this smaller bit of research can help me when thinking about my project what I am aiming to showcase with the project.

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