FMP: Tutorial Feedback and Development

My feedback for my individual tutorial with Carol was useful in terms of moving forward with the project. I was able to gain reassurance that the project was heading in a positive area and that it was working well. The main points from the feedback were:

  • Plain leggings would be better for the photography and videos as the letters are distracting and the ticks on the leggings draw attention away.
  • Trying to get a plain background as possible – iron the sheet best as possible.
  • bringing softer elements into the animation – think about more experimental ways inbetween the bold letters.
  • think about the qualities of the sport and try animating them to work better.
  • The lighting of the videos and photos is working well.
  • Experiment with animating the symbols more. – be more playful and expressive.
  • Could the symbols try and have more qualities of the gymnast?
  • Dance notation and research

After my research into dance notation and thinking about the similarities to rhythmic gymnastics as a sport I started to try and develop a story board for the animation. Using the music and placement of the main elements I was able to try and experiment with what could be shown in between the elements. This below was the original plan for the first 30 seconds of the animation however, this has developed further and now contains a small line that maps out the path of the gymnast doing the routine. I want to experiment further with the frame by frame animation technique as I think I might be able to add more of the fluid qualities that a gymnast often has when performing the routines.

I have also reshot all the imagery and some of the videos in order to have plain leggings and a crisper background. The imagery will be used within the supporting booklet that I plan to produce alongside this. I have edited the photos to being to show the different elements – they each have a different set of colours that I have used to define the type of movement. Now that I have done this I think that I will be able to adapt the animation to also have these colours included. For example when I have a pivot in the routine it will be in the colours of pink and blue where as a leap will be pink and silver.

I have also thought about the name for the project which has changed from movement of the body to Rhythmic Notation. I feel that it is a more appropriate name as I am no longer just focusing on body movement but movement throughout a rhythmic gymnastics routine. I have spent time researching and applying dance notation theories and ideas to my outcome therefore I thought the use of the word notation would be appropriate.

My next stage now is to start experimenting more with the frame by frame animation using the symbols which I can hopefully develop further and use in other aspects of the final outcome.

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