FMP: Development and Group Tutorial Feedback

I have experimented with frame by frame animation as a way of animated the symbols to move in a more human way. I found the best way to explore this idea was using procreate and the animation feature that has the ability to draw the frames by frame. I decided to animate only one balance at this point as I wanted to get feedback on which animation style is working better and which people thought worked well with my idea. I found that the frame by frame animation worked well in showing each element of the music and worked with the harsh beats of the music however it wasn’t showing the fluid motion that I wanted it to. Also, as I was hand drawing the frames I found that each frame was slightly different and although the style was beautiful and could work at this point I thought that it was very different from my other work where I have developed a visual language which is more graphic rendered rather than hand drawn.


At the tutorial I thought that the feedback was really helpful as I was able to find new pathways to develop my project. The general feedback was to maybe incorporate the two style of animation into one, as the use of layers that I was talking about (from my research into dance notation) would allow for this to be explained and work well. Also, the other feedback on the animation was to try animating the icons to maybe follow curved lines to mimic the movement depicted within the icons. I feel that the animation requires some more thinking as after my research into dance notation I feel that each layer could highlight one of these elements.

  • Movement of the Body 
  • Relationship between body and apparatus movements 
  • Movements and music 
  • Movement and Space. 

Furthermore, I also got feedback on my choice of colour and at the moments the pink and silver/grey aren’t working together with the other colours within the projects. I thought that this might be the case and I think that maybe a neon green with the bright pink might work better with the current palette. Overall the feedback was positive, and carol thought that I was heading in the right direction and that I just need to keep developing the visual language ready for the formative assessment next week. 

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