FMP: Outcome Developments


After my group tutorials this week and my research into dance notation I have developed the animation further to try an establish the clear layers that I have found from my research and applied to the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics. In order to do this and to keep on top of the layers I create a series of compositions each on relating to one of the layers in the routine. As mentioned before I wanted to use this idea of a floor plan to showcase there relationship between the movement and space. To do this I thought that I would be best to animation the lines to create a sense of how fast the gymnast was movements and which direction they were moving in so that by the end of animation you can see the entire pathway that the gymnast has taken. At the points where the gymnast would perform an element I place the generic symbol for that elements group in order to showcase this at the end as well. Using an audio spectrum i was able to animation the line to react to the music this again highlight that relationship between movement and music in a more subtle manner.

In the next composition I animated the symbols to show the body movements which is another layer that comes from dance notation. The symbols appear in the animation where they would be performed within the routine to the music again reinforcing that layer of the routine. I start to animate these symbols where they would be in the routine. I took inspiration from what the movements look like in real life in to how I animate them. As I was colour coding these to highlight difference between the movements I also animated the background colour to change so that the symbols would stand out in their certain colours. I feel that this has started to bring the project together. I then when onto start animating the handling that would happen on each of the elements. Again taking inspiration from how the apparatus moves in real life. This is the 4th layer which I found when applying this idea of layers to rhythmic gymnastics. There is still more work to be done in terms of this layer and showing the movements of the apparatus in-between the main movements.


After my research into type specimen books I thought I would start off my designing a few spreads to show at my 1-1 tutorial to get some feedback on the direction I was heading. As the booklet will follow the colour coding from animation and other supporting material I decided that I would start with just one section to begin with. Using the content from the Code of Points already I was able to add in the value of each movement and what it was called in terms of the code of points. I wanted to think about pace and changing up the spread so that some showcased one or two symbols while others showcases 5/6 different ones within the same group of elements. I also have started to include some of my own photography into this part of the project to show how the elements look in real life giving them more context.

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