FMP: Tutorial Feedback and Developments


The feedback I got in my 1-1 tutorial on Friday was really useful in allowing me to develop the project ahead of my formative assessment on Monday. I was happy that the project was developing in the right direction and that the outcomes seemed appropriate for my project. This was the feedback I received:

  • animation is beautiful and the choice of music creates the atmosphere.
  • floor plan idea is working and could be applied to more outcomes throughout the project.
  • need to work on the communication when accessing it what it is and what it is about so that people understand.
  • booklet could be more experimental. numbers could be stronger and have a better relationship between them and the symbols for movements.
  • Maybe experiment with using them like degrees – if the legs goes higher than 90 degrees it’s worth more.
  • being more playful with typography within this.
  • Give a page to each symbol to give it the space that it requires as they work as stand alone in the animation.
  • just need to think about guiding the viewer throughout the project – really think about the communication of what the project is about.
  • the supporting videos could be used on loop in a series of three.


Using the feedback I have developed the project further starting off with the booklet. for the formative presentation we had to be selective as to what we chose to showcase and I wanted to give two pages to the spreads of the booklet. Taking the advice I gave each symbol a page to breathe although this has changed the pace to be quite repetitive but I am thinking about adding some nods to the animation throughout the booklet so these spreads might be allow the pace to be broken up. In terms of the relationship between the numbers and the movements using the paths of the shapes I have set the numbers to work along these. With more time I’d like to experiment with this further in order to experiment with being more playful in the approach.

Furthermore, I started to add more layers to animation by adding more handling symbols in-between the main movements to showcase that the apparatus doesn’t stop moving. I thought that this was working well as I have used the same approach throughout with all the apparatus handling symbols when animating them. I feel that the animation still needs a lot of work on and some of the animation aren’t perfect and in the way that I would like them to do but I wanted to be able to show what the final animation will look like at the formative assessment.

I also developed the support videos to give the symbols context to the apparatus movements in real life. As suggested I presented three of these videos looping using the colour coding that I had developed throughout the rest of project to ensure that they were connecting t the other outcomes. The photographs these give the viewer a chance to see the movements in real life and give them a grounding for when they watch the animation.

Even though the project has been developed throughout these past 5 weeks and I am happy with where the project is heading there are still elements of it that need to develop during the easter break and three weeks before the final hand in. I am hoping that with the formative feedback I receive on Monday this will help me to develop it further and create a project which is strong, playful and experimental.

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