FMP: Formative Feedback

At the formative feedback presentation I enjoyed seeing some new project which I haven’t seen before throughout the past couple of weeks. I found my presentation went well and the feedback I received was really positive and constructive in allowing me to move forward and develop the project:

  • looking at the lines on some of the symbols seem to be too thin for the screen.
  • think about how I am animating some of the symbols onto the screen at the moment they are a bit clunky.
  • Think about bring more elegant animations into it so that it shows the characteristics of the sport more.
  • bringing that finesse to the movements – be more playful and experimental.
  • Maybe think about how this translate into text and could you add another smaller layer onto the animation to showcase this.
  • within the editorial outcome could there be opportunities to explore pages folding out.
  • with these fold out pages could there be something in us physically moving out bodies in order to read it – further reiterating this idea of movement.
  • playful maybe folding out using the floor plan visual to do this.

Overall the feedback was really positive and has helped me to see and think of other ways in which I could develop this project further over the coming weeks. I think that all of the comments about the animation where things that I had already identified myself in terms of cleaning the animations up but it was useful to hear these points again to show me that it wasn’t just me over thinking the project. My plan over the next few weeks is to continue to develop this project into the best outcome before the final hand in.

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