DfRL: Final Developments

Following the feedback I have from the formative assessment point I have been making changes to the project to enhance the final outcome. One of the first points of feedback I have acted on was the idea of colour and how potential by adding more shades of blue to the campaign could bring to light a different tone of voice. I wanted to bring more tone of voice to the campaign because Aphasia doesn’t just affect one type of individual it can happen to anyone who has suffered a stroke. I decided to experiment with different tones of blue but also started to think about other colours. In the end I found that blue worked well in the first instances and continues to work well with the range of tones, adding more variety of colour could cause more confusion.

The feedback also spoke about developing a calming style app animation. At the start of this project I thought about this idea of meditation and breathing as a device to get people to understand the extra time they need to allow when communicating with people who have Aphasia. It was suggested that I explore this using the comma as a visual, these animations could be idents on social media or adverts on TV to try and create more awareness and get people to be paitent waiting – highlighting they need to have patience when speaking to someone who has Aphasia.

Printed Developments

As I had now started to add in new tones of voice through changing the colour I wanted to develop the printed outcomes for the campaign which was mainly information and typographic posters. I am now just keeping the comma rather than introducing the hyphen to the mix as this could confuse the overall message of the campaign that I am trying to get people to slow down and listen – which the comma represents. Below are three examples of how I have developed the posters which could sit anywhere in a shop or doctors just to try and raise awareness of what it’s about. I have also developed the information design posters which also only use the comma as a visual vessel for the information.

Social Media Idents

In terms of developing the social media side of the campaign I have focused on creating idents which will cause distribution to social media and tv channels. By doing this I wanted to grab the attention of the target audience. The current animation I have in the project is focused on educating and is longer containing more information. The idents that I have created are 30 seconds long and aim to get people to listen. The idents relate back to an earlier idea that I was working with which is using a calming style app animation which focusing on breathing to get people to think about how easy it is to slow down and really listen. These idents could be placed across all social media channels create awareness and disturbing feeds forcing people to interact with the campaign.

Interactive Elements

As part of the development of this project I have also create more touchpoint for the target audience to interact with. In my feedback it was suggested to me that I make more interactive elements to the campaign. To start off with I thought that using instagram stories could be a good way to get the audience to interact. Through this elements of the instagram platform you are able to create quizzes and get people to ask questions in order to create that interaction easy. I have mockup some instagram story templates that could be used. This includes a series of stories which could be added into the highlight section of the page to act as quick guide on how to communicate with someone who suffers from Aphasia.

All of these developed have made the project stronger and improved the campaign overall. I have enjoyed working on these developments as I feel that I have been able to change the way in which the target audience is reached and given the campaign a change in tone of voice without changing the entire concept of the campaign with is about slowing down and listening hence the use of the comma.

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