FMP: Final Group Tutorial

In the final group tutorial that I had today I showed my progress from the past three weeks. The major changes have been developed to the supporting book but the feedback was focused around the animation part of the project. I was happy with the feedback and thought that it was fair and constructive to help me move forward in the next three week. In terms of developing the animation I agree with some of the transitions of the movements could be more elegant but I have attempted to animate them to represent the movements that they represent. For example some of the jumps/leap are harsher in animation because they quick fast movements where as the balances are timed to have 3 seconds to hold like they would in the routine. Other points to improve are as followed:

  • softer animations for the text and elements.
  • keep the colour works well with the context of the project.
  • maybe consider more movements of the body how can this translate into the animation
  • thicker lines for some of the symbols at the moment they are too thin at points which makes them hard to see on the screen.
  • think about if keeping type to animate on softer and in more places which are legible.
  • think about where using the video content could they be overlaid on pages in the book which move when they are scanned with the phone.

All this feedback I am going to take on board and develop in the next few week. I think that if I can create the AR triggers within the book this will help the viewer gain more context of the project.

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