Dissertation Design Developments

Since the feedback I had from David and some of my peers I have focused on creating 5 spreads using packing labels as the visual language and packing itself as the substrate for the piece. Since I wanted the cover of the piece to be a piece of packaging using the cereal box I have printed, photographed and edited images to make the box seem like the cover of the piece. By doing this it has helped others to see what I was aiming to achieve through my dissertation design.

I have tried to create spread which are experimental by using photography of labels for house my pull out quotations. This was one of the suggestions that I was given in the first tutorial on dissertation design. I have used photoshop to clear the original typography from the labels and created my own. At the current stage I found that these weren’t working but I have been struggling to get them to work. I’m hoping to get some tutor feedback on these to help me develop them further moving forward. These labels do help make the difference giving the piece more context moving forward. I think I need to focus on the type detailing moving forward as well as the hierarchy as this is something that I’ve learnt about in depth this year through my ISTD.

I have also explored using information design on one of the spreads to help visuals some of the text that I am talking about. I’ve used the visual language of the recycling symbol to help me do this by using a gradient which covers 60% of the symbol in green highlighting 60% of packaging was recycled in 2017. I think that this has brought the spread to life and given it some depth but something is still missing for me at this point and I’m hoping moving forward that I can improve this.

Also as mentioned before I would ideally have liked to have this printed on recycled piece of packaging such as cereal boxes. I wanted to show this through the use of texture to try and create a sense of substrate. Using a scan of the texture and editing in photoshop I have been able to overlay the texture to the spreads to show that this would be printed on cardboard that recycled, it’s subtle but I feel that it would work in showing the context of my idea.

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