Dissertation Design Feedback & Developments

After receiving feedback from David I quickly became aware of the developments that I needed to make to my editorial spreads. My thoughts about type detailing and hierarchy were clear that they needed to addressed as at the moment the piece seems to be shapeless. From the feedback I was able to go away and research typefaces designed by Under Ware a typefoundery. I explored two of the typefaces Sausa Pro and Bello Script, in the tutorial me and David discussed that this gave branding and packaging essence more than the current typeface that I was using. We also discussed looking at the work of lettering artist – Leandro Assis – who has worked with companies like Netflix to create lettering. His work reminded me of pop art and the essence of packaging labels. I thought that this would be an interesting contrast to the existing typeface which I chose due to the similarity to the typeface being used in the labels that I was analysing.

In the typeface Bello I discovered beautiful glyphs that I could use to help create Digital style hand lettered labels. I decided to keep to the current colour scheme as I didn’t want to change it too much however, I could experiment more with this later in the process if I decided. Using illustrator and procreate I explored layouts of the labels taking inspiration from Leandro’s work. I found in the end that the best layouts used a simple wrap effect to help create the effect that they were physically on the packaging. With more time I would have liked to have printed these of and physically photographed them however, this wasn’t possible at this point.

I have also taken on feedback by changing the typesetting details. Mainly changing the point size of the bodycopy for 9pt to 10pt on 13pt leading. This made a lot of difference to the piece by giving the type more space to breathe while still not being overwhelmed. My next point of call in experiment with the pullout in text quotations to try and create more dimension in the piece. I would like to also see if there is more visual research I can undertake to enhance my editorial spreads making them stronger.

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