FMP: Feedback and Developments

In the sign up tutorial I was able to get feedback from David on my final major project. I was able to justify all my decisions about colour, typography and placement of images which was helpful when moving forward. I got some feedback to help me develop the project further, these were small minor changes to make such as making sure all the symbols were in the middle of the animation rather than some following the path and others not. Also type detailing within the book needs some work making sure that I don’t have widows or double spaces etc.

When we were discussing the idea of posters being made for the individual symbols, might be really interesting to consider taking inspiration from the olympics. This is something that I was considering at the start of the project and something that I was still considering. I am thinking about exploring this further as this project develops over the next few days. This relates back to earlier feedback that I had about creating fold out pages to act like maps or posters in the book.


I have used these as part of visual research and inspiration for these posters. These are the some of the official icons for the Olympics in 1988 & 2012. Some of these images are interpretations of the iconography but I found linked to my visual aesthetic for the project. I’m considering how these posters could be used and there is the possibility they could be used for displaying the gym itself but also as promotional material for events. In this case they are supporting details for the project allow the viewer and opportunity to see these symbols and understand them.

For my posters I have experimented with having all the same group of symbols being on one poster. I decided that A1 format would work best for the photos because it would allow the symbols to have space to breathe and not look cluttered on the page. There is potential for the symbols to have their own posters developed as well however, these could be a same format such as A3. I have used the same colour coding system as the rest of the project in order for the system that has been developed. I have kept the layout of the posters simple in terms of the typography as I wanted the symbols to speak for themselves.

I have also finalise all the sections in the book. The book has a total of 190 pages to showcase the symbols, although it might seem like a large publication I made the decision to keep the symbols to a page each mainly in order for them to be clearly seen and understood. There are still some elements of the book that I’m working on mainly adding the video content for the project but I feel that this combined with the animation and posters helps create that understanding that the project needed.

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